Strip Poker

Strip Poker is a poker game in which players remove an article of clothing when a hand is lost. It is an interesting way to look at poker. One way to keep things fair with strip poker is to define what counts as an article of clothing and what does not. Depending on the speed of the game, counting pairs of shoes, or socks as one piece of clothing is an option. One way to keep the strip poker game pg rated is to make a rule that underware stays on.

We have some strip poker stories in the Strip Poker thread in our forum. It is interesting reading about the different experiences people have had with strip poker in the message board. In many ways some of these strip poker stories remind me of nude beach stories where heterosexual men go out looking for nude women only to find other men. If you have a strip poker story to tell but you don't want to register for the forum then post the story as a guest in our Guest Strip Poker thread.

Like many forms of poker, strip poker has several variations. Different forms of strip poker are designed to get the clothes off at various speeds.

Remember that strip poker is not a single game of poker, instead it is a method of betting. In other words, texas holdem and five-card stud can both be played with the strip poker rules but five-card stud tends to work better. The reason is that at a showdown clothes come off. In a game like texas holdem where there are 4 rounds of betting before the showdown, things would get confusing. Strip poker is sometimes played as a form of foreplay. Sometimes strip poker limits are setup in advance such that players do not end up completely nude. Sometimes strip poker is played near a pool at night. In other words there are situations where a group of friends want to swim nude but everyone is scared to go first so strip poker determines the order in which people enter the water.

Fast Strip Poker

One of the fastest forms of strip poker is when every hand goes to a showdown and every player except for the winner has to remove an article of clothing.

Medium Strip Poker

Another form of strip poker is also played without betting chips. However, only the person with the worst hand is required to remove an article of clothing. Depending on the number of players, this version can go on for some time. For example if there are 10 players and each player has 10 articles of clothing then the game can last for awhile.

Slow Strip Poker

Like other forms of poker, strip poker goes slower when there is only 1 deck and the players take a long time to shuffle. Many poker games have 2 decks so that the person to the left of the dealer shuffles the deck so that there is a smooth, quick transition when he starts dealing.

If one wants to really prolong the game of strip poker then a small number of chips can be given to each player and then an article of clothing can be removed whenever a player runs out of chips.

Strip Poker Chips Reviews

Strip Poker Poker Chips

Strip Poker Poker Chips Reviews and Information

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  • Strip Poker Chips - Bikini Watchers

    The Bikini Watchers Poker Chips can work nicely for strip poker, especially strip poker games leading up to a swim. These poker chips have 4 women all wearing bikinis.

    Strip Poker History

    It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Poker as we know it, on the other hand, is relatively new. It has been said that poker originated in New Orleans around the 1830s. There is a good chance that strip poker started at about the same time as regular poker. This is partially true because poker was played in and around bars and brothels where gambling, drinking and womanizing all took place. Poker became very popular in the US in the mid 1830's. It spread from the Mississipi River and Ohio River to other parts of the country through the railroad and other means. Once the Civil War started poker was no longer just a game for steamboats. During the war both stud poker and draw poker were popular.

    Most people think of strip poker as a sexual game but there may have been variations of it in the past that were not sexual. For example, in wild west movies a man owns the boots of another man if he kills him in a dispute. There was a time when boots were very valuable. If a man was losing all his money in poker then boots could be counted on as extra bankroll. Also, some watches are very valuable and can be used to sweeted the pot. There have been plenty of poker games that were not full on strip poker but where boots or watches were included as part of the pot. Even though these games are not consisdered strip poker they do involve elements of strip poker.

    If one uses a looser definition for poker then we can look back farther into history. Some say "poker" was invented in China around 900 A.D. Other historians say that the Persian game 'as nas.' is the source of modern poker. The remains of cards have been found in Egypt. This evidence shows that cards were uses in Egypt in the 12th or 13th century.

    It is not clear where the word poker came from. Many historians agree that it is from the 18th century French game 'poque.' It is also possible that it came from the German game 'pochspiel' or the Hindu word 'pukka'. Some say the word came from the slang word 'poke' used by pickpockets. It was said that to 'poke' meant to cheat a sucker out of his money.

    Famous Strip Poker Matches

    One of the most famous strip poker matches was in late 2004 at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. It was the National Lampoon's Strip Poker Series. They hired 16 magazine models as strip poker competitors. Even though the game was strip poker, poker chips were used. The rules for simple strip poker are that the loser or losers of each pot must remove clothing so using chips made things a little bit more complicated. The rules were setup such that each strip poker game would have 6 girls which meant the tables were short handed. Each girl would be wearing 5 items of clothing. The game was no-limit hold’em with escalating blinds. Each girl was to start with $1,500 in chips and there were rubuy options. Instead of rebuying with money, the girls could rebuy with clothing. Some pieces of clothing were worth more chips than others. For example, a g string was worth the most chips. The winner of the strip poker tournament was the girl who ended up with all the chips. Girls could lose all their clothes but still have chips. Once a girl lost all her clothes and all her chips she was out of the strip poker game.

    Strip Poker DVD Hosted By Carmen Electra

    Another famous Strip Poker event was the Strip Poker Invitational hosted by Carmen Electra.
    Carmen Electra Strip Poker
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  • One girl will walk away with the grand prize of $50,000. See what these girls will do to win it all!
  • Filmed in Los Angeles, California, this first of it's kind production highlights the intensity and poker play amongst six beautiful women playing a no limit version of America's new favorite pastime, Texas Hold 'em (or as we like to say Texas Strip 'em!).

  • The Strip Poker DVD Product Description is as follows:
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    G Rated Strip Poker

    Sometimes the object of strip poker is to strip down to bathing suits and go swimming, not to strip completely nude. For example, if a group of people agree to swim somewhere but the water is cold then a game like strip poker can decide who goes in the water first. Another example of a situation where strip poker can encourage people to swim is at a party where no one wants to volunteer to be the first in the water. Even though the National Lampoon's Strip Poker Series was not G Rated, it had a similar results to the G Rated versions in that the girls ended up in the pool. The difference for the National Lampoon's Strip Poker version was that the girls were fully nude when they went in the pool in that game.

    Naughty Terms in Strip Poker

    Normal poker terms can be somewhat confusing in strip poker. Some of the confusing strip poker phrases are listed below.

    All In - Poker vs Strip Poker

    In regular poker all in means putting all your chips in the pot. In strip poker the meaning is not so clear. I suppose if someone moved all in during strip poker and then lost the hand then they would have a lot of stripping to do.

    Backdoor Flush - Poker vs Strip Poker

    In regular poker "backdoor flush" means hitting 2 runners to complete a flush. In other words, you have AK hearts. The flop is 3 hearts, 4 clubs, 5 diamonds. Getting a backdoor flush would mean both the turn and river cards are hearts. In strip poker this term could get confusing.

    Betting on the Come - Poker vs Strip Poker

    In regular poker betting on the come is the same thing as semi bluffing. In other words, you have 2 hearts and the flop has 2 hearts. Your hand may not be the best at the moment but you can semi-bluff. In strip poker the meaning is not so clear.

    Big Lick - Poker vs Strip Poker

    In both regular poker and strip poker the hand 69 is sometimes called big lick. In Texas Holdem Big Lick would probably not be played very often outside of the blinds by good players. In strip poker on the other hand, people play Big Lick just because it is such an interesting combination of 2 cards.

    Big Slick - Poker vs Strip Poker

    In regular poker big slick means ace-king. In strip poker the meaning is not so clear.

    Over the Top - Poker vs Strip Poker

    In regular poker coming over the top means betting over the top of someone. For example, Carmen Electra bets $5 and then Jennifer Lopez comes over the top by raising $10 more. In strip poker the phrase over the top could have lots of meanings.

    The Nuts - Poker vs Strip Poker

    In normal poker the nuts means the best hand. In strip poker this could be a confusing phrase. Nuts is often used to describe male parts in the game of strip poker. What makes it even more confusing is when people use the phrase "holding the nuts". Again, in normal poker this means holding the best possible hand but in strip poker this can be a phrase that people joke about. Phil Hellmuth has been shown on tv saying, "I have the nuts" when it is his turn to show his cards. Imagine if someone were to say that phrase during a game of strip poker!

    Under The Gun - Poker vs Strip Poker

    This poker term means first to act but in strip poker it could confuse people.

    Strip Poker Plus Skinny Dip

    A lot of people talk about skinny dipping under different conditions. The term skinny dip means to go swimming in the nude. Some people may decide to skinny dip on the spur of the moment because the water looks inviting but they don't have a swimsuit and they don't want to get their clothes wet. Other people may skinny dip because it is adventurous. Still others enjoy a skinny dip at night because it is difficult to see. Those afraid to skinny dip can ease into it by playing strip poker first. Unlike the traditional skinny dip when the clothes come off all at once, removing clothing through strip poker is a gradual process that happens little by little, one piece of clothing at a time with each losing hand in the strip poker game.

    Mardi Gras and Girls Gone Wild

    There are some elements of Mardi Gras that are similar to Strip Poker. Both involve showing some skin. One of the differences is that in strip poker skin is shown when a hand is lost and at Mardi Gras skin is shown in exchange for beads. Another difference is that in strip poker the clothing stays off until the game ends but at Mardi Gras skin is only shown for a short time. In other words at Mardi Gras it is more of a flashing type display instead of a full on striptease. Another thing Mardi Gras shares with strip poker is the origin of poker. Poker spread throughout the country from gamblers playing the game on river boats near New Orleans.